Shari L. Riley is a spiritual counselor and intuitive healer. For Shari, the journey toward really understanding her own Authentic Journey – her soul’s mission – began back in 2000 when, as a trained life coach, she started inspiring women to live their dreams. Shari noticed that eventually, each client would hit a hidden hurdle. They were unable to move forward on their own path, and Shari began to ask herself “why?” At that point, she started her own healing when her first marriage of 19 years began falling apart. A friend introduced her to Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) to begin the process of letting go of her first love. Her initial session allowed her to “see” her father who died when she was 8 years old. She could never picture her dad and blocked many memories of her childhood. She realized that the abandonment she felt as a child continued to create a pattern that was playing out in her adulthood. As she healed her father story, she was able to release a marriage that was no longer encouraging her growth as a woman and ultimately a healer.

That initial connection to IET never vanished, and when her friend and colleague suggested Shari take the first level IET training, she jumped on the chance. During the first class while working on another classmate’s heart chakra, Shari had a vision of a small girl crying by a window. The woman confirmed that she had cried each day as a little girl when her mother went off to work, so much so that her mother ended up quitting her job. Shari realized at that point that she had a gift and went on to complete the second and third level training. By 2002, she had received her certification in IET and began to truly explore and embrace her identity as a healer.

Shari has continued to train and expand her innate intuition to create her own technique of healing. By identifying the age at which a client’s particular emotional block manifested, she opens a door that allows healing and a deep understanding of that which keeps one from embracing or releasing elements of her life. This process lasers in to the emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual energy blocks that are holding people back from accomplishing their missions in life. Clients learn they do not have to suffer or relive the patterns that cause pain, suffering, and ultimately disease. They can release these barriers once and for all and begin living from a place of love, peace, and joy.

“I am here to facilitate healing in others and walk beside them as they discover their Authentic Journey. I help people understand that they have their own individual paths to healing. I am here to be their guide.”

~Shari L. Riley, Intuitive Healer


“Every person and experience that comes into our lives happen at exactly the right time because we attract who and what we are ready for. I’ve been on a passionate spiritual quest for 5+ years and it wasn’t until I was truly ready to start coming into my own, did I cross paths with Shari. I have had the magical pleasure of working with Shari in a Sacred Circle and during multiple one-on-one sessions. Together we are working on helping me build my confidence and trust – trust in the Universe, trust in life and trust in myself. Shari offers me blessed guidance and emotional support. The key thing to do with the information and support you receive is to process it and do the work in between sessions to keep progressing. Since I started working energetically with Shari in March, I have grown exponentially! I own the fact that I’m an empath and understand it’s a gift. I am gaining internal confidence that I must keep exploring my path as a healer with healing hands. I trust that I have a strong purpose and I must blossom where I’ve been planted. From working with Shari, I know deep inside that I owe it to myself and this world to let my gift shine and share it with the world. If you’re looking for encouragement, deep messages and a guiding hand to help you along your way, Shari is your answer.

/  Rebecca ~ Intuitive Healer /