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Embrace Your Intuition


Are you sensitive to the energies around you?

Do you hear voices in your head or get messages for others?

Do you see colors or images around other people?

Are you ready to discover your intuition and learn to trust it? 

In this 4 week virtual course we will help you begin to explore your gifts and validate the truth within your intuition. Connecting with Shari and other Intuitives will give you a safe environment to play with and develop the way your Guides connect and communicate with you.

Join Intuitive Healer, Shari L. Riley, as she facilitates group healing in weekly conference calls.

Your investment includes:

  • 1 individual phone session (where you get to explore & release your personal energy blocks)

  • A membership to Shari’s Facebook page Authentic Beauties

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Intuitive Healing Certification Class


This program is a compilation of almost 20 years of experience that has been organized into a curriculum-based certificate program. This comprehensive training program focuses on 3 modules:

 individual healing work

 tools and knowledge of healing modalities

heart-based leadership

Participants receive a certificate after completion of the coursework and successful demonstration of an understanding of the course material.( You will receive a Certificate of Training from the Institute of Intuitive Healing. You will NOT earn a professional designation. )

Each module will be approximately 2 months in length. Module 1, the individual healing, will consist of 4 individual healing sessions, either over the phone or in person, every other week. Module 2 and 3 will consist of a weekly teleconference call. Each week there will be a specific topic covered based on the different modules. Calls will be recorded, so you will have unlimited access to them. Through the training process you will also have free and unlimited access to any public Sacred Circles being held. Total time frame: approximately 6 months.

  Who would benefit from this Certificate of Training?

  • If you are clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, or claircognizant and are ready to bring your gift into the world.

  • If you are a therapist, yoga instructor, reiki master, or trained healer who wants to add intuitive healing to your practice.

  • If you have always “known” that your are being called to healing work but are not sure what that means and how to incorporate it into your world.

  Space limited to 20 women.


Intuitive Healing Apprenticeship Program

Investment of $555 per month

Are you ready to participate in this win-win experience?

Each year Shari selects 2-3 women, graduates of Shari L. Riley ~ Intuitive Healing Certification Program, to work in collaboration with her. This program is rare, as each person will create their own experience based on their intentions and goals. Connection will be made weekly, at least for 30 minutes, and additional unlimited contact through Voxer, text or e-mail. Sessions will consist of coaching, mentoring, teaching, healing, support and accountability, depending on the needs of each person's goals which will be mutually agreed upon at the beginning of the process. These elite participants will expand their knowledge and skill set by closely working with Shari, as she supports them while they create their own business. Working by her side to research, create and expand their intuitive healing practice, the emphasis will be on learning skills to bring their business into fruition without the emotional challenges that happen when you are the facilitator, as they build confidence. Shari will help them mold into heart-based leaders. Lessons will be learned and each participant will use those lessons to build their own clientele. Each participant will eventually co-facilitate a Sacred Circle with Shari, as they bring their own unique healing work into that sacred space.

Participation will be for a minimum of 6 months, and by mutual consent, last up to a year. A waiting list is available, as when one person leaves the program, another will enter. If you are interested please contact Shari at, please put Apprenticeship in the subject line. An application will be e-mailed to you and then an interview process will be scheduled.

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I’ve been so excited and pleasantly surprised at how my intuition and connection with my Guides are opening and developing thanks to Shari’s course. I know I’ve always felt a bit intimidated at the thought of exploring my intuition, but Shari creates such an atmosphere of serenity and safety that I’ve felt so comfortable with this whole process. She deftly instills confidence and a sense of playful curiosity throughout the course. The results are nothing less than astounding, as I’ve finally discovered how my Guides speak to me! I really thought I would have to work hard at “listening” or trying to “see” something, but with Shari’s caring guidance, the discovery was easy, joyful, and exciting. If you’re interested in developing your intuition, Shari is your woman! I’m so grateful for her gentle and excellent guidance.


/  Kristin- Intuitive Healing Training Participant  /